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About P & M

We offer investigative support to attorneys litigating criminal and civil cases.

Our service typically include the following:

  • We analyze civil and criminal complaints (or indictments) and assess the cases from an investigator’s perspective, which our clients appreciate because it saves them time, moves them forward, and helps them formulate a sound strategy from the start.
  • We conduct incisive witness interviews, which either uncover the hidden facts behind weakly supported allegations or corroborate and strengthen allegations.
  • We develop and follow all leads to their logical conclusion, often uncovering game changing facts and evidence.
  • We put our attorney clients in charge of a well investigated, courtroom read, litigation.
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Investigative support to litigators


We provide investigative services

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Why P & M?

Information is ...

the most important commodity you have as a litigator giving you game changing insights.

  • Identify evidence and testimony supporting criminal or civil complaints
  • Develop new witnesses and evaluate existing witnesses.
  • Collect supporting and refuting evidence crucial for litigation strategies.
  • Evaluate law enforcement procedures and evidence collecting steps.
  • Effectively pursue “follow-the-money” strategies in financial or money laundering cases.
  • Understand opposing strategy.


We Provide Unmatched Investigative Expertise

Our investigative professional possesses
decades of FBI investigative experience.