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About us

P&M Florida Group is a boutique firm providing professional investigative support.

Alex is a licensed private investigator with 32 years of experience conducting investigation as an FBI Special Agent.  His client workload primarily consists of attorneys and businesses engaged in litigation on a variety of legal and financial matters. He is trained and experienced in many types of investigations including white collar crimes, property crimes and violent crimes.  He is also well versed in complex money laundering techniques.  

What his clients love about him is his ability to assess criminal and civil complaints and provide insight into potential evidence and witnesses.  After interviewing the witness or complainant, he provides an insightful analysis helping the attorney leap forward and save countless hours better spent litigating.

Mr. Peraza held top secret security clearances as a Military Intelligence Officer, and as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His 32 years in the FBI were spent conducting nothing but what is tantamount to legal investigations for federal prosecutors. All evidence gathered by him is obtained in a lawful manner and therefore will withstand the strongest legal scrutiny.


Alex E. Peraza

“My 32 years of service in the FBI was a labor of love. Our system of juris prudence, the rule of law, and the protection of rights for the innocent as well as the guilty is my life’s mission.”